Saw Black + Ollen + Clayton England + Trout Mouth

Saw Black returns to Harrisonburg during a tour across the country with Richmond songwriter, Clayton England. See them live at Pale Fire on Sunday, October 14th w/ Ollen (formly Sleeptalker) and Trout Mouth!

Free Show! Donations will be collected for the touring artists. See you all there!

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Saw Black: RVA Songwriter with new album “Water Tower” If you have never gotten a chance to see Saw Black, here is your chance!

Ollen (Sleeptalker): Harrisonburg fave, Andrew Puffinburger bringing his beautiful new album, “Home Less” to Pale Fire under his new name, Ollen.

Clayton England: Bringing his new EP, “Cold Rain” to H-Burg for the first time! Via Crystal Pistol Records (right on).

Trout Mouth: Applachian Throat-Punk sporting your grand dad’s leather hat