Embrace the bitter cold and enjoy a season of india pale ales from Pale Fire Brewing Co! We’re asking for on-premise accounts to commit to pouring Pale Fire IPAs all winter long, with a new beer available each month. Contact your local sales representative to order.

Major Tom Galaxy IPA
6.5% ABV – 65 IBU
Major Tom may be an American IPA, but Australian-grown Galaxy hops shape its stellar character at every turn, from bittering to dry-hopping. Notes of bright grapefruit, orange peel, and passion fruit shine through from lift-off to splash-down thanks to a clean and crisp American malt bill.

Human Fly West Coast IPA
6.5% ABV – 70 IBU
Human Fly is a-buzz buzz buzz with the 4-Cs hops that started it all.
Enough crystal malt to bring the West Coast sun to your glass, &
a juicy, bitter orange flavor just begging for a summer fling.
Go back West, young ‘un!

Walking Spanish Citra & Mosaic IPA
8.4% ABV – 85 IBU
A murder of silhouettes watch
a young brewer digging a hole with a spoon.
Arrant, our beloved IPA, has been dry hopped
with 50% Mosaic and 50% Citra hops.
Danker and denser, with a tropical nose.
That damn fine blunder is going to start a rumble.