Embrace the bitter cold and enjoy a season of india pale ales from Pale Fire Brewing Co! We’re asking for on-premise accounts to commit to pouring Pale Fire IPAs all winter long, with a new beer available each month. Contact your local sales representative to order.

Human Fly West Coast IPA
6.5% ABV – 70 IBU
Human Fly is a-buzz buzz buzz with the 4-Cs hops that started it all.
Enough crystal malt to bring the West Coast sun to your glass, &
a juicy, bitter orange flavor just begging for a summer fling.
Go back West, young ‘un!

Night Echo Black Double IPA
8.2% ABV – 70 IBU
Inviting the ghosts of the evening, Night Echo drifts from layers of spicy, caramel rye and roasted malts into the increasing complexities of Amarillo and Mosaic hops. Dreams drift into wakefulness, blurring perception.

Negative Boogie New England IPA
7.0% ABV – 20 IBU
There’s no use for bittering hops,
they died for the Hazy age.
El Dorado, Citra, Willamette,
and Mandarina Bavaria.