Summer is for Runners with Breathe

Do you love to workout with your friends, sweat it out, and then enjoy a refreshing cold beer as a reward? Well you’re going to have an amazing summer with us… because Summer is for Runners! Pale Fire has partnered with Breathe to¬†get you out and active.

Warm up, Cool Down, Stretch, Beer at Pale Fire… all for just $8. Sign up for the class online or using the MindBody app on your phone.

We’ll announce distances as each date approaches, but there will be two different pace options for runners and two instructors leading the run.

Thursday, May 25th6:45pm – Sarah and Emma (3 Miles)
Saturday, June 3rd – 12:15pm – Justine and Sarah
Monday, June 19th – 7:15pm – Emma and Justine
Thursday, June 29th – 6:45pm – Sarah and Justine
Monday, July 17th – 7:15pm – Justine and Emma
Wednesday, July 26th – 6:45pm – Sarah and Justine
Friday, August 4th – 4:30pm – Emma and Justine
Monday, August 14th – 7:15pm – Justine and Emma