Stephane Wrembel + Jordan Perry

See gypsy jazz composer and performer Stephane Wrembel plus Virginia-based guitarist Jordan Perry at Pale Fire Brewing Co. on Wednesday, September 13th.
Enjoy a charcuterie plate during the show from Sub Rosa Supper Club–local and artisanal cured meats, pâté, French cheeses, pickles, mustard, and baguette. One plate serves two people. Purchase includes one general admission ticket.
Doors at 5pm. Music at 6pm. Tickets are $10.
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Stephane Wrembel
He’s been called a revelation by Rolling Stone. Woody Allen recruited him to score the theme to the 2012 Academy Award winning film Midnight in Paris, and he performed live during this years Oscars telecast. To say that French-born guitarist/composer Stephane Wrembel who learned his craft among the Gypsies at campsites in the French countryside has already had a remarkable career would be an understatement. But this virtuoso, who is now Brooklyn-based, has truly just begun to make his mark as one of the most original guitar voices in contemporary music.
Origins, Wrembel’s fifth and most highly anticipated release yet, finds the multi-faceted musician corralling a myriad of influences into a hybrid that simultaneously reflects where hes been and points to where hes headed. Although he built his reputation as a stylist in the mode of the iconic French Sinti guitarist Django Reinhardt, Wrembel now revels in transcending and expanding. “I’m digging deeper and deeper into my roots,” he says about the album. Origins touches upon everything from blues to flamenco to rock; all of these influences come together as something identifiable only as Stephane Wrembel. It is the most sophisticated representation to date of Wrembel’s superior compositional skills; his melodies burst with a panoply of textures and colors, moods and emotions.
“It’s a different state of mind all together,” adds Wrembel, talking about Origins. “I always compose with a picture in mind. That Impressionism approach is the main thing that Ive carried with me from Fontainebleau.”
Jordan Perry
Jordan Perry (New Boss, Ned Oldham, My Mind) is a Virginia based guitarist currently living in Charlottesville. In addition to collaborating in various bands over the years, he also works as a solo guitarist and just released his first full length LP of solo guitar music on the Cambridge, Massachusetts label Good Cry Records. This year also saw the release of a cassette split with Charlottesville artist Winterweeds on Inkonzinnitapes.
“jordan’s songs are not as flowery as what you might think of when you think of classical guitar music; they tend towards a starker, more contemporary style, playing with the spaces between the notes, the diminishing sustain, the fluid rumble of a repetitive fingerpicking pattern on nylon strings, the interplay of dissonance and harmony in groups of notes, and perfect execution. most of the songs are short sketches that seem to flow seamlessly into one another, with the exception of the roughly seven minute excursions at the front and back of the album. this is an easy album to get lost in, each time i have listened to the LP i am surprised as if woken from a daydream when the side ends, especially at the end of the lengthy and mesmerizing final track, ‘whydah flats’. i highly recommend getting a copy of this limited edition LP.”
[Modern Folk Music of America, 2017]